SOTURI (so·turi) a Finnish word meaning Warrior/Soldier. Commonly used as a literary term when alluding to ancient warriors.

Soturi is a premium accessories brand inspired by the heritage of warrior cultures and military designs throughout history. With passion for both design and story, we combine our experience with our appreciation of functional design to create products of purpose. Our focus is on creating exceptional everyday accessories to embolden those who seek a path less travelled. Solid yet understated, our collections embody timeless elements of simplicity, subtlety, and utility.

Every Soturi design offers a meticulous attention to detail that feels essential, selecting the highest quality materials that are tried, true, and made to last. We go the extra mile to design, develop and test our products to be as unique as the classic pieces that we prize and respect. Simple, yet significant designs to last the journey that lie ahead.



Founded by Marine Corps Veterans, we recognized the value of our time in the military and its impact on our personal character and successes throughout life. We knew whatever endeavors we pursued; we wanted to find a way to give back. Therefore, SOTURI DESIGN humbly donates to organizations that aim to directly support our nation’s Veterans.